Welcome to Narrating Spaces

Narrating Spaces is a on-going mapping of Adesola Akinleye/DancingStrong’s Place dance projects (many of which are site-specific). These projects range from multi-generational, community based dance to architectural to GIS explorations.  Using dance as a language for expression of experience, each project is a moving portiture of the stories of Being in Place.

Being = apart of Place 

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Featured Project

Choreographing the City

This project is part of Adesola’s 2019 Research Fellowship with Theatrum Mundi. The project was born from concern for the ways cities, in all their forms, are experienced and designed. As well as an interest in what happens across disciplines when choreographers, architects, engineers and urban designers share and exchange their spatial creative practices to co-produce knowledge as dance, design scholarship and art.

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